About Us

Xpresso Unicorn is a lifestyle apparel brand birthed from our interconnectivity and anchored in the understanding that we're all uniquely different, but still UNITED by our HUMANITY despite our ignorance in seeing this TRUTH at times.

We carefully crafted our design and found synergy in the colors that seamlessly flow together and apart. The colors reveal the beautiful shades and pigmentation of the world across all races and ethnicities.

Our core values are rooted in truth and love of our fellow human.  We value individuality strength and the progress of humanity in the form of a gracefully magical unicorn.  Distinct, beautiful, unique, and RARE. 

Our voice is that of innovation, artistry, and positive progressive change exhibited through our gear, the people who wear it, and how we show up for humanity in different regions of the world. We are raw, authentic, and a direct reflection of verbal and physical Love.  Perfect in its creation, Imperfect in its execution, but Beautiful all the same; HUMANITY…We Believe; Do You??