Philanthropic Impact

We seek to embrace humanity in its rawest form. Meeting people where they are allows us to span the gap of education and knowledge sharing while seeking true understanding of the voice (truth and needs) of people.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to positively impact underserved communities. If you have a need or know of a need, we would love to hear about it in hopes of a future partnerships.



Dr. Andrea M. Peters


Supporting and loving on Highland Falls kids...Homemade masks and healthy snacks for kids during the onset of COVID when no children masks were available.

Women of Kampala, Uganda after skills training and a congratulatory party in their honor. Thank you Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative (ADVEJI) for partnering with us and for having the heart for the work you do.

Stay Tuned for Giving Tuesday from GlobalGiving. Find Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative (ADVEJI). Donations will be matched up to $2500 per person.

Opera Tutti

Our latest philanthropic effort, Opera Tutti, is near and dear to my heart. A dear friend and amazing artist had a vision for a dance company and she is living her dream in France. We were able to support with a financial donation and we hope to be able to support in person very soon. April 2024


All Things Are Possible Foundation (ATAP)

Always good to spend some time at ATAP with Dr. Tiffani Worthy and her kids. We were able to give the children a nice treat after they successfully finished all of their homework over the last three weeks. May 2024

Note: If you are looking for a safe, nurturing and educating environment, try ATAP for your afterschool program in Willingboro, NJ.

So, what's next for Xpresso Unicorn?

We are resourcing our next community event that will happen sometime this summer/ fall 2024. Stay tuned as the focus will be on Veteran Women! We heard you and we are answering the call. 

Celebrating Women Veterans - Women Veterans Health Care