Finding Your Unique (Unicorn) Voice

November 23, 2021

There are close to 8 billion people in the world.

There are millions of blogs, songs, and books.

Social media has billions of users with billions more posts.

Everyone, in one way or another, has something to say.

Sometimes, the voices are attention-seeking. Other times, they just bicker. The sound can be deafening.

In that cacophony, we may feel silenced. Maybe we think nothing’s been left unsaid. Or we refuse to add chaos to the scene.

Possibly, we’re unsure what to think or feel anymore at all. We wonder if anyone even cares.

In that instant, we’ve forgotten that we’re unicorns.

Your Story Matters

Unicorns care about others, without caring about what they think.

They live life, love it, and flaunt it.

They shine, know who they are, and say what they need to say.

It may be cliche, but there really is only one of you in the world. Your story is unique. And as much as humans have essential commonalities, they have equally beautiful differences.

Those disparities have a right to be identified, voiced, and embraced.

You are that distinction.

A world without your voice is at a disservice. Your perspective is not only useful, it’s imperative.

But how can you stand out amongst the ear-splitting noise?

Be a Voice For Change

So many topics are covered ad nauseum. Politics, beauty, pop culture—it can be hard to feel original. It can be hard to feel heard.

But you already are. In a background of static, you are your own clear image. In a discordant symphony, you are a soloist.

Your voice is your outfit of the day. It’s the way you play an instrument, write a poem, or just choose to spend your time.

It’s how you interact with people. It’s a smile, or a “no, thank you.”

Your voice is what you intentionally do. It’s the way of life you model for others.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to tell the story. Just be the story.

It doesn’t have to be epic or a showstopper. Like the butterfly effect, life-changing performances often start small.

You just have to believe in your own unicorn magic.

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