What's the meaning of "Xpresso Unicorn"?

November 20, 2021

Xpresso is a play on words, but more so a play on our psyche. Xpresso relates to expression and being the voice of the voiceless. It is a intentional effort to speak to effect change and affect hearts. While the other side of Xpresso ties to espresso coffee; the realization that brown is beautiful and all encompassing in the hues of skin tone. I want people to love the skin they are in and walk in their strength.

Unicorn is the magic and mystery of the fantasy realm brought to the present. It is a chance to rethink the purity and uniqueness of the all white unicorn to modern representation of the shades of our diverse world. The unicorn also represents a childlike awe, spirit, and natural strength and beauty that each person possesses just by being their unique authentic self.

This company was birthed out of the racial confusion and hate people perpetuate due to fear, misunderstanding, and ignorance. Our hope is to bring people closer by helping them love themselves and love others from the basis of humanity. We believe in the power of people to change for the better. We believe that people can solve people problems, but we have to be mature enough to get out of our own ways to grow into this next phase of humanity.

We are also a living and adapting company that is looking for ways to positively impact our communities and environments through impact investing and nature based investing. We can only do this with the support of people like you. We need more Unicorns to answer the call to be a voice and the change that we want to see. Will you join the cause and let you voice be heard on our blog, podcast, social media, and in the gear you wear? If so, send us a note and lets start our journey!


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Xpresso Unicorn Founder and CEO

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