November 16, 2018

As we move through this world, it seems like becoming remains present and never in the past...

Looking for the pinnacle of who we're meant to be,

Embracing a thought and emotion of the future me...

I see, but can't touch as I continue to climb

Bloody elbows, bloody knees, scraps and bruises define me

I'm willing to fight, claw my way to the top...of my mountaintop

You in my way are not an obstacle, are not a phase, you are merely here to teach me...

Teach me how to continue...through the pain

Teach me...what means the most

As I crest my mountain, I'll give you a toast

 Always, always remember that you can do more than you can think, but you must be willing to work your but off and dig in to become who you desire to be...Allow your passions to marry your destiny.

Xpresso Unicorn Truth Chronicles

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